In its new collective publication, Schlossghost #1, Akademie Schloss Solitude examines the ways in which politics meet artistic and aesthetic practices in contemporary societies. For this the Solitude-fellows who had residencies in 2014, 2015 and early 2016 were invited to reflect on following questions: »Would you say that your practice is political? If so, how would you describe its political dimension?«

Schlossghost #1 includes 90 contributions: shorter and longer texts, images as well as time based contributions with sound and moving images. It opens possibilities of expression that would not be possible in a book.

Schlossghost #1 takes over the role of the traditional yearbooks by the Akademie. Every second year since 1990 they were summarizing all the facets of the work done in Solitude and maintained as a final truth Stéphane Mallarmé’s affirmation that »the ultimate state of the world is a book«. This new publication has lost its materiality and exists only as a virtual yearbook, or one could say as the ghost of a book.

Jean-Baptiste Joly

A Magical Continent

Adityan Melekalam

Ver nieve (To See Snow), HDV, 2016

Alex Reynolds

The Lever

Alice Miller

Small Actions

Alicja Bielawska

The Mule Skinners


A Strong Sense of Place

Christopher Trapani

Everywhere You Find Yourself in this Country, There Is a Story

Deborah Asiimwe


Dr. Santu Mofokeng

Riot in the Forest

Elisabeth Weydt

Aus unendlichen Sehnsüchten steigen

Franck Yeznikian

Caring as the Most Radical Stategy for Fighting

Judith Engel and Paula Kohlmann

Aesthetical and Political Constellations – An Artist’s Reading Diary

Li Lorian

Poetic Scalpel

Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot

Provisional Survey

Marianne Zückler

The 10,000-year Clock

Michelle Sterling

I Agree With … #1

Nestór García Díaz

Test Sample from »Classes«

Peter Müller


Karolina Kucia

How Political could we get while Writing?

Rasha Abbas

Shit, Migration and Position of the Other

Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė

About Writing and Politics in Six Parts

Theodore Wheeler


Valeska Neumann

Three Works of I

Yang Licai

No One Speaks

Alina Popa

Homing Pigeons

Amandeep Sandhu

I'm Not Coming

Ana Husman

My Father Has a Gun

Ana Mendes

Reading Like an MFA

Bilal Tanweer

A Rancierian Note on the Permanent Oscillation Between Art and Politics

Collective Re-Orient

Solitude Yearbook Entry: D. Kaufman

Dimitri Kaufman

For Sale

Dragana Bulut

Forming the Radioradiants, a Political Way to Make Participatory Art

Fabien Pinaroli

Potted Plants

Gabrielle Schaad

Origin Unknown

Istvan Csákány

To Be Political

Katerina Duda

Liminal States

Lindsay Foster

Our New Life Must be Different from this Life, These Times. A World Must be Held Up Against the World.

Maik Priebe

Ready, Set, Go!

Marte Kräher


Mira Witte

? ⋆ ? ? ???? ???? ???'? ???? ?♡? ?❤ ??❁? ? ? ⋆ ?


Dimensions of Practiced Politics – Parts 1 & 2

Philip Widmann

The Fine Art of Nothing Happening

R. Armstrong

Nonhuman Political Voices

Silvia Rosani

The Refusal

Thom Donovan

A Peach Goes Swimming (Extracts)

Vanessa Emde


Yorjander Capetillo Hernández

Liquidation Simulation

Andrew Norman Wilson

They Produce Unusual and Loud Sounds

Anna Korsun


Anna Okrasko

Would You Say that Your (Artistic) Practice is Political?

Annemarie Ní Churreáin

Written by, Performed by…

Camille Durif Bonis

You Are Here

Dan Boehl

The »Write« Thing between Art and Politics

Dominic Otiang’a

Territories of Invention

Elisa Band

Esthetic Entities

Florin Flueras

»Would you say that your (artistic) practice is political?«

Gavin Steingo

Aesthetical and Political Constellations – An Artist’s Reading Diary

Ivana Ivković

Closing the Gap

Katherine Kennedy

USA, 2016

Lisa Rave

Slowly Making Visible

Maj Hasager

Oh Mensch plays »Entfernte Ergänzung« by Matthias Spahlinger

Matthias Koole and Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

Work-ing out

Mireya Arauzo Ruiz

(All) Music is Political

Nicolas Tzortzis

Political Academic Normcore

Philipp Kleinmichel

Is My Writing Political?

Ret’sepile Makamane

Spatial Structures — An Outcome of Political Processes?

Simone Rueß

The Art, the Political Conjuncture, and the Left

Tomislav Medak

Politics Meets Neuroscience

Wannan Tang

»I Chose To Be an Artist.«

Zaher Alchihabi

Art Practice between Digital Politics, Copyleft, and Participatory Audiovisual Performance

Antoni Rayzhekov

Shards of a Broken Mirror

Anzhelina Polonskaya

Hands Make Mistakes

Ariel Schlesinger

The Political Dimension in Documentary Filmmaking

Astrid Schult

Politics In The Frame of Art

Chandrahas Choudhury

Life is Stronger than Pictures – Sometimes

Danny Wagner

What is Critical Music?

Doug Barrett

Open Vacanc(i)es

Elisa Calosi


Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga


Georges Senga

»Administration of Aesthetics« or: On Underground Currents of Negotiating Artistic Jobs; Between Love and Money, Money and Love

Jelena Vesić

Into the Archives of Energy Transition

Kim Förster


Louis Philippe Scoufaras


Manuel Ferrari

Terra Nullius

Mica Cabildo


Myriam Van Imschoot

Philosophy, the Impossible Practice

Nisaar Ulama

The Jean-Jacques Rousseau Fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude

Qassim Haddad

Housing for Syrian Refugees in Germany

Rheim Alkadhi

Solitude & Chess: Developing New Perspectives

Soumya Swaminathan


Vaiva Grainytė

Hillside. Ten Stills from a Single-channel Video (2016)

Xinjun Zhang